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On June 11, Annapolis experienced our worst mass shooting in five years. Nick Mireles, his son Mario Mireles-Ruiz, and their friend Christian Segovia were killed by a neighbor during a party at Mario’s home. Police reports said it was a parking dispute. It was charged as a hate crime.Thirteen children were orphaned, three women were widowed, and three other people were wounded.8 of those children belonged to fifty-five-year-old Nick Mireles and his wife, Sandra. Nick and Sandra were two years into a 5-year lease-to-own contract on their home. Without the income from Nick’s landscaping business, the family faces the risk of eviction. This is where we, the Annapolis community, are going to help.If the Mireles’ buy the home by August 2024, it’s theirs for $247,000. Annapolis Hope is a massive fundraising effort to make that happen.It won’t bring Nick back. Nothing can. But we can lift a tremendous burden off Sandra’s shoulders.That's why we at Naptown Scoop are throwing our full weight behind Annapolis Hope. We aren’t just supporting this effort, we’re leading it.


Total amount: $167,734
Last updated: July 1, 2024

How can I help?

We're so glad you asked. We currently need help in 3 areas.

All donations go through the Marshall Hope Corporation, a registered 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 85-2700300.Want to donate over $10,000 and have your business recognized in Naptown Scoop's 19,000 reader newsletter? Email Ryan Sneddon.

We need persistent people to ask businesses, nonprofits, and churches to help. Click the button to reach our volunteer coordinator: Ryan Sneddon.

The more local people read this story the better. Click the button to reach our press contact: Diana Love.

Our heroes

Individuals who give $1,000 or more and businesses who give $5,000 or more may choose to be recognized here.

Julie St. Marie Catering
Brian and Patricia Giese Foundation – $25,000
Annapolis Candle
Wildberry Farm
HERE. a pop-up shop
Ab & Kristen Krall
The Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park
Caliente Grill

Special campaigns

$50,000 match: An anonymous donor has pledged to match donations dollar for dollar for the next $50,000 raised. If you're reading this, the match is in effect.Annapolis Wears Hope: Wrabyn is donating 10% of sales to Annapolis Hope between June 24–29. They're also selling entries into a drawing for six fabulous prizes. 12 Annapolis Street, Annapolis, MD 21401.Sip & Shop at J. McLaughlin: 15% of sales donated on July 10. 181 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401.

If you'd like to sponsor a match campaign, please email ryan@waffleconemedia.com

Thank you, Annapolis

To our anonymous donors (who far outnumber the named), thank you. Your generosity is only matched by your humility.